The Deluxe just got err, Deluxer - now it has handmade rosewood knobs. Nice.

The Deluxe is the result of a no compromise approach to building the ultimate valve overdrive. Two NOS Mullard tubes running at high voltage produce a warm and rich overdrive which retains the character of your guitar and doesn't mess up or remove the bottom end. At higher gain settings you will get some pretty full-on distortion tones too. Cleans up nicely at lower gain settings.

The Deluxe features a rugged die-cast enclosure; true bypass switching using a high quality three-pole footswitch with a bright pink led indicator.

We don’t put the valves on the outside or light them up with orange LED's – we put them inside where they’re protected since they’re there for the sound, not as some kind of gimmicky light show. And no, they don't get too hot!

The pedal ships with ECC81/12AT7 Mullard NOS valves. These valves sound amazing. ECC83/12AX7 types can also be used; this will give more gain and a generally harsher tone. Changing the valve nearest the input socket will have the greatest effect on the sound.

An international power supply is included; most power brick or Boss type supplies are not able to supply enough current. Please contact us if you need more informatoin on this.